Statement Concerning Fraudulent Submissions

Hypatia deplores the recent fraudulent actions of Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose. They have violated a cornerstone of acquiring and disseminating knowledge—trust—as well as many of the ethical norms of academic publishing. Hypatia, along with many other journals from a wide range of disciplines, is a member of the Committee for Publishing Ethics (COPE) and subscribes to its principles. Hypatia will publish neither essay submitted to us.

Hypatia is a pluralist feminist philosophy journal whose leaders, authors, and readers understand that feminism is not a monolith. We expect feminists to disagree with each other about many matters. We also expect those who submit manuscripts to use their own names, argue for positions that they support, represent data and the positions of others fairly, and engage deeply with relevant scholarly literature. It is especially important for journals that want to encourage submissions by younger and marginalized scholars to avoid placing unnecessary hurdles in the way of submitting and revising manuscripts, to “desk reject” very few manuscripts, and to give extensive comments on submissions.  This is what we try to do at Hypatia. At the same time, we hope to revisit our procedures to see whether we can better screen for fraud in ways that will burden neither the very authors we hope to encourage to submit their work nor the reviewers we ask to give their time to their important task.