Announcement of New Editorial Team

Hypatia’s Board of Associate Editors is happy to announce the selection of the new editorial team that will be leading the journal for the next five years starting in January 2024. It will be our first editorial team based outside North America. The editorial office will be at the University of Glasgow, where Katharine Jenkins works. Aidan McGlynn is at the University of Edinburgh, Simona Capisani and Aness Kim Webster are both at Durham University, all in the UK, and Charlotte Knowles is at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. After a long process of selection and conversations with the different governing and editorial bodies of the journal, the new team is ready and willing to take on this challenging task. We welcome them.

The Associate Editors as well as members of the Non-Profit Board would also like to thank the current editorial team for their exemplary work and for leading the journal so impeccably during the last five years. Their work and guidance will be key for the years to follow. The new team is working with them throughout the fall to ensure a good and smooth transition.


Below are brief bios of the members of the new team, followed by their collective statement:

Simona Capisani is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Durham University. Her research is grounded in normative political and social philosophy but is interdisciplinary in scope focusing on the intersection of climate justice and governance, structural injustice, environmental politics, feminist philosophy, environmental philosophy, contemporary social science, and immigration. She has recently published on topics including climate change-induced displacement, immobility, and migration, state sovereignty and birthright citizenship in the context of climate change, climate adaptation, embodiment, and international climate governance.

Katharine Jenkins is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Her current research focuses on the nature of race and gender categories and their relationship to oppression, and she has also published work on topics including feminist methodology, pornography, disability, and sexual violence and feminist epistemology

Charlotte Knowles is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Groningen. Her primary research areas lie in feminist philosophy and phenomenology, with a particular focus on issues of complicity, freedom, injustice and responsibility. She has recently published work on testimony and gender-based violence, adaptive preferences, and clothing practices.

Aidan McGlynn is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. His current research and teaching focuses on epistemology, feminist philosophy, and their overlap, and he has recently published on epistemic injustice, pornography, objectification, standpoint epistemology, active ignorance, and sex education.

Aness Kim Webster is Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Durham University. Her research explores connections between feminist philosophy and philosophy of race, on the one hand, and value theory, broadly construed, on the other. She has published on agency, autonomy, shame, and stereotyping.


The new editorial team’s collective comments:

We are honoured and excited to be taking on the editorship of Hypatia. We will aim to build on the excellent work of the previous editorial team and maintain the journal’s standing as a premier venue for work in all areas of feminist philosophy. In particular, we aim to ensure a smooth, timely, and supportive experience for authors and to curate a diverse, topical, and insightful selection of special issues. Between us we have expertise in a broad range of topics and approaches within feminist philosophy, but we recognise that this expertise is not exhaustive. We look forward to working closely with the Associate Editors to maintain the highest standard of refereeing across all areas of feminist philosophy, including those topics and approaches with which we, as an editorial team, are less familiar. We also look forward to working with the team at Cambridge University Press and with the University of Glasgow, where the journal will be housed. We would like to thank the Associate Editors and the whole team at the journal for their support in preparing our application and for placing their confidence in us as the next editorial team of Hypatia.