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Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy and Hypatia Reviews Online (HRO) use ScholarOne Manuscript Central for processing manuscripts, reviews, and correspondence. Authors who submit manuscripts, referees who review manuscripts, others who have been proposed as referees or as book reviewers, and editorial staff members have their names, email addresses, and sometimes their university affiliations and telephone numbers entered into Manuscript Central. The editorial staff at Hypatia and HRO, and the support staff at our publisher, Cambridge University Press, can access this information. For further information, please consult the Cambridge University Press privacy policy.

Email messages that you receive through ScholarOne Manuscript Central concern only editorial matters. Personal data in Manuscript Central are not used for marketing or given to any third party by Hypatia or HRO. If you want to minimize the amount of personal data stored in Manuscript Central, you can edit your account profile at any time after signing into Manuscript Central. You can also withdraw from Manuscript Central completely and receive no editorial correspondence.

Hypatia and HRO also use a MailChimp listserv for announcements. If you sign up to receive these emails, you can update your subscription preferences or unsubscribe here. For further information, please visit MailChimp's privacy policy.

You can opt in or out of other kinds of emails from Cambridge University Press as explained here.

Hypatia is a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Washington, USA, managed by its Board of Directors. The corporation owns Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy and HRO. The Board neither accesses data in Manuscript Central nor provides personal data to any third parties.