Call for Nominations: Hypatia Board of Associate Editors

Call for Nominations: Hypatia Board of Associate Editors

Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy welcomes nominations and self-nominations for Associate Editors. The criteria for determining good nominees for Associate Editors shall include their ability to contribute to the diversity of philosophical areas, methods, and topics, their experience, and their ability to represent international feminist communities from a variety of global locations, especially including the Global South. Associate Editor Responsibilities are outlined in the Governance Document and are as follows:

§  To assist the Editorial Team, including the HRO Editor(s), in maintaining the journal’s health, advising on editorial policy, soliciting submissions and special issues, clusters, musings, and translations, reviewing reports from the Editorial Team and the Treasurer of the Nonprofit Board, and providing feedback on those reports.

§  To occasionally assume editorial responsibilities in cases in which the Editorial Team has a conflict of interest related to a specific submission (i.e. when a submission is from a student or close colleague of an Editorial Team member or members).

§  To review new editorial initiatives and submissions for special issues, forwarded to the AEs from the Editorial Team, and vote on which to accept.

§  To maintain a representative of the Board in the Nonprofit Board, the Facilitation and Communication Committee, and the Outreach and Ethics Committee.

§  To assist in the formation and the work of the Diversity Essay Prize Committee and the assessment of Diversity Grant proposals; they will provide members to both committees, which in turn make final decisions on awards.

§  To serve in an advisory capacity to the Editorial Team regarding editorial issues that may arise; for example, individual Associate Editors can be asked to suggest reviewers or provide advice about conflicting referee reports in their areas of expertise.

§  To commit individually to perform at least 2 reviews per year of submissions in their areas of expertise.

§  To form and chair a Search Committee for a new Editorial Team at least 18 months in advance of the completion of the term of the current team.

§  To choose a Facilitator who will convene meetings at least twice a year, circulate the agenda and any necessary documents for their decisions. This person will serve a 2-3 year term. Either the Facilitator or an appointed Secretary will take minutes of meetings and keep a decision log.

Please send a CV and a letter of no more than one page speaking to the nominee’s qualifications. Please secure the nominee’s willingness to serve prior to nomination. New Associate Editors will be elected from the pool of nominees. 

Nominations are due Friday, December 15th, 2023

Please send nominations to Rocío Zambrana: