older rankings and ratings

Hypatia has been listed in a number of historical journal rankings and ratings. The following provides a snapshot of Hypatia from 2011 to 2014 via these metrics:

  • European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH)Hypatia received two different ERIH scores in 2013, one of INT2 in Philosophy and a second of INT1 in Gender Studies. These ratings were characterized as follows:

INTernational (INT): both European and non-European publications with an internationally recognized scholarly significance among researchers in the respective research domains, and which are regularly cited worldwide. International journals are themselves classified into two sub-categories based on a combination of two criteria: influence and scope:

  • INT1 Sub-Category: international publications with high visibility and influence among researchers in various research domains, regularly cited all over the world.
  • INT2 Sub-Category: international publications with significant visibility and influence in the various research domains in different countries.
    • Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA): In 2012 Hypatia received an A* rating in the last ERA that provided such ratings. Under this system a journal that received an A* ranking was characterized as follows:

[This journal] is one of the best in its field or subfield in which to publish and would cover the entire field/subfield; virtually all papers published will be of a very high quality. These are journals where most of the work is important (it will really shape the field) and where researchers boast about getting accepted. Acceptance rates are typically low and the editorial board is dominated by field leaders, including many from top institutions.

    • The Google Scholar Metric, released on June 26, 2014, listed Hypatia as #5 in the overall category of Feminism & Women’s Studies with an h-index of 14. For comparison, Signs was #2, Feminist Theory was #7, WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly was #15, and Feminist Studies was #16. The Google Scholar Metric for 2014 was “based on citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of mid-June 2013 and covers articles published in 2009–2013.”

    • Susannah Kate Devitt's GSCD-INDEX modified Google Scholar Metric for philosophy journals, posted on July 2, 2014, ranked Hypatia 21st overall among philosophy journals.

Among polls of philosophers, Hypatia has been ranked this way:

  • Thom Brooks' poll-based ranking (posed January 18, 2011) placed Hypatia as 81 out of 143 among all philosophy journals.

  • Brian Weatherson's April 2011 rankings, also based on a survey, ranked Hypatia as 76 out of 88 among all philosophy journals.