New Editorial Team Chosen for Hypatia

After an extensive search, a new editorial team for Hypatia has been enthusiastically and unanimously accepted by the Search Committee, chaired by Kim Hall, the Task Force, chaired by Sally Haslanger, Serene Khader, and Yannik Thiem, and the newly reconstructed Nonprofit Board, chaired by Linda Martín Alcoff.

The new Co-Editors are: Bonnie J. Mann, Erin McKenna, Camisha Russell, and Rocío Zambrana, all of the University of Oregon. Sarah LaChance Adams from the University of Wisconsin – Superior, will take on the role of Managing Editor. Their five-year tenure will begin January 1, 2019.

The new editorial team is very diverse, both philosophically and demographically. They state that “Our first priority as an editorial team will be to build on Hypatia’s already strong reputation by increasing both the philosophical and the demographic pluralism of the journal.” We are confident that under their editorship Hypatia will be an important resource for feminist thinking that is philosophical, interdisciplinary, and intersectional.

This will be the second time Hypatia has found a home at the University of Oregon. The Philosophy Department at the University of Oregon is recognized as one of the foremost PhD-granting programs nationally and internationally to feature feminist philosophy as a key area of research. Its faculty includes recognized experts in a broad range of feminist thought. In Spring 2018 the University of Oregon had eighteen PhD students working in feminist philosophy as a central focus; seven of these were international students.

The new editorial team will be supported by the University of Oregon’s Philosophy Department and the Center for the Study of Women in Society, a research center that promotes scholarship on gender and sexuality. They will also be supported by the University of Wisconsin – Superior.

The Task Force and Nonprofit Board want to express our deep appreciation for all the important work done between July 2017 and December 2018 to keep Hypatia running. In particular, we would like to thank the Hypatia Interim Co-Editors: Ann Garry, Serene Khader, and Alison Stone, and Managing Editor, Miranda Pilipchuk, as well as the Interim Co-Editors of Hypatia Reviews Online, Joan Woolfrey and Simon Ruchti, and HRO Managing Editor, Maja Sidzinska.