Announcing New Associate Editors

The editors of Hypatia are pleased to announce the election of our new Board of Associate Editors! After much deliberation and an incredible outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the Hypatia community, we are excited to be joined by our very capable colleagues.

To our new Associate Editors, congratulations and welcome!

Board of Associate Editors

María del Rosario Acosta-López
University of California - Riverside

Saray Ayala-Lopez
University of California - Sacramento

Talia Mae Bettcher
California State University - Los Angeles

Ann E. Cudd
University of Pittsburgh

Vrinda Dalmiya
University of Hawaii - Manoa

Verónica Gago
Universidad de Buenos Aires |
Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Dilek Huseyinzadegan
Emory University

Qrescent Mali Mason
Haverford College

Krushil Watene
Massey University

Yolonda Y. Wilson
Howard University

Robin Zheng
Yale - NUS College