CFP Special Issue: Toward Decolonial Feminisms: Tracing the Lineages of Decolonial Thinking through Latin American/Latinx Feminist Philosophy (Submissions due 12/1/18)

Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy seeks papers for a special issue (35: 3, Summer 2020) on decolonial feminisms, guest edited by Nancy Tuana and Emma Velez.

CFP Special Issue: Indigenizing and Decolonizing Feminist Philosophy (Submissions due 8/1/18)

This special issue of Hypatia (35:1, Winter 2020), guest edited by Celia Bardwell-Jones and Margaret A. McLaren, brings feminism and Indigenous thought together in constructive dialogue to contribute to a broadening of perspectives, and to decolonize standard philosophical thinking, which is grounded in colonial norms and standards.