Where to Publish Feminist Philosophy

In 2013, Hypatia solicited advice about journals to which feminist philosophers should consider submitting their work.  What follows is a compilation of responses to the three questions we posed: about journals dedicated to feminist philosophy, philosophy-friendly feminist studies journals, and feminist-friendly philosophy journals. In the spirit of collaboration and supportive scholarship, we provide the list below.  We hope Hypatia will continue to be the first place you go to read and publish feminist philosophy.

We continue to welcome your input! If there are journals you would recommend that don’t appear on this list please either contact the editorial office: 

Hypatia editorial office: hypatia@villanova.edu

1) Feminist philosophy journals:

Are there journals we should add to the two we originally identified on our FAQ sheet (IJFAB and PhiloSOPHIA)? We’ve received one suggestion; here are the details for all three.

2) Philosophy journals:

Are there philosophy journals you would recommend to a feminist author who might otherwise publish in Hypatia, ones that take feminist philosophy seriously and would welcome feminist submissions?

General advice: “Submit to journals that are not dedicated to feminist philosophy!” A number of respondents register concern that the dearth of feminist content in the journals they know best reflects the very low rate of feminist submissions that they receive. They urge feminist colleagues not to assume that their work won’t be welcomed! Here are two such comments, and you’ll see more along these lines reported for several of the journals recommended by respondents.

"I fear that many feminist philosophers just assume that their work will be rejected out of hand because of its topic orientation, but I doubt that this is true for many journals. It would be good for the whole field if feminist subjects and perspectives were more widely disseminated."

"I would urge people to submit to journals that are not dedicated to feminist philosophy per se but concern areas where feminist perspectives are rich. This will help disseminate feminist perspectives."

Specific recommendations: One respondent to our survey provided us a list of philosophy journals that have published feminist content in the last ten years (in bold below): Ethics, Human Studies, Law and Philosophy, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Moral Philosophy, and Journal of Social Philosophy. We include details on all of these below, along with a number of other journals that were recommended as ones that do, or would like to, publish feminist philosophy.

  • BioEthics: “If your article has an explicitly bioethical edge, try BioEthics."

  • Continental Philosophy Review: Described as wide-ranging, encouraging “explorations in the domains of art, morality, science and religion as they relate to specific philosophical concerns,” and interested in work that that “probe[s] possible points of intersection between the continental European and the Anglo-American traditions.”

  • Critical Philosophy of Race:This is a new journal and the editors and associate editors are friendly to feminist approaches. It is a good forum for those writing about the intersection of race and gender and sexuality.” It explicitly encourages diverse philosophical approaches as well as engagement with other fields “provided that the work bears on philosophical questions.”

  • Ergo, An Open Access Journal of Philosophy  Ergo is a general, open access philosophy journal accepting submissions on all philosophical topics and from all philosophical traditions. This includes, among other things: history of philosophy, work in both the analytic and continental traditions, as well as formal and empirically informed philosophy.
  • Ethics: Recommended by three respondents, Ethics welcomes work in ethics, legal philosophy, and socio-political philosophy.  One notes that “the journal publishes relatively few essays in feminist philosophy not because of lack or receptivity but because very few essays in feminist philosophy are submitted.”

  • Informal Logic:"This journal is broader than the name suggests. It includes articles in epistemology.”

  • Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism: One respondent notes that this journal has been tracking submissions by topic for at least 15 years, and in that time, has received no more than five or six submissions on feminist topics: “The JAAC hopes to reverse this trend and welcomes submissions in feminist philosophy as it relates to aesthetics.”

  • Journal of Business Ethics: As the title suggests,“discusses ethical issues related to business, from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives.”

  • Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics: "This is a brand new, open-access journal. Although it may not be obvious from the title, all the editors are absolutely committed to critiquing the assumptions of mainstream ideas found with disciplines, including philosophy and related fields.  They are, therefore, very sympathetic to articles motivated by feminist, race, gender, disability studies, critical legal studies critiques and viewpoints.”

  • Journal of Moral Philosophy: Publishes in “moral, political and legal philosophy” and “encourages contributions from newer members of the philosophical community."

  • Journal of Political Philosophy: JPP explicitly identifies feminism as one of several new approaches that it encourages in the broad area of “theoretical issues arising out of moral, legal and political life.”

  • Journal of Social Philosophy: Mentioned by three respondents and included in our original FAQ sheet as a journal that regularly publishes feminist philosophy, the editor has actively reached out to feminist philosophers whose work fits their mandate during the Hypatia moratorium.

  • Law and Philosophy: Described online as a “forum for the publication of work…of common interest to individuals in jurisprudence and legal philosophy,” Law and Philosophy encourages papers that “exhibit a philosophical reflection on the law…informed by solid knowledge of the law.”

  • Neuroethics: The current issue is on “Neuroscience and Sex/Gender”, with a great lineup of contributions by feminist philosophers.

  • Philosophy Now: "This journal publishes in all philosophical topics, although particularly feminist ethics and feminist epistemology. However, all articles should be written for a broad audience, including non-philosophers.”

  • Philosophy and Social Criticism: "Topics of interest might include continental feminism, psychoanalytic feminism, and feminist social and political philosophy.”

  • Political Theory: "Described as publishing on political theory from a wide range of perspectives, this journal “encourages essays that address pressing political and ethical issues or events.”

  • Social Epistemology: Strongly endorsed by one respondent as a journal that “has a record of publishing feminist work,” a recent special issue focuses on “Epistemic Justice” and includes an interview with Miranda Fricker.

  • Social Theory and Practice: Mentioned by three respondents, this journal provides a “forum for discussion of theoretical and applied questions in social, legal, economic, educational, and moral philosophy.” The advisory board includes a number Hypatia associate editors, past and present.

  • Southern Journal of Philosophy: "The SJP is a generalist journal with a long tradition of publishing in all areas of philosophy, including analytic philosophy, continental philosophy, and the history of philosophy. We would certainly welcome submissions in all areas of feminist philosophy.” Recent feminist articles include, for example, Linda Alcoff’s piece on “Sotomayor’s Reasoning.”

3) Feminist studies journals:

Can you recommend interdisciplinary feminist journals that are philosophy-friendly, and can you advise about the genres of philosophy they welcome?

Those who responded to our survey recommended the following feminist theory and feminist studies journals, many of them mentioned more than once.

  • Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice (formerly Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal): Recommended by a respondent who has published philosophical work in Atlantis in the past. Current cluster CFPs include: "In/Visibility: Absence/Presence in Feminist Theorizing", and “Social Media, Cultural Politics.”

  • Feminist Economics: Topics of interest include the economy, well-being, welfare, poverty, etc.  Philosophical authors would be well advised to submit papers to this journal that are empirically-grounded (and hence not either being entirely hypothetical about empirical claims, or else being cherry-picking in the empirical work they rely upon).

  • Feminist Theory: Described as “genuinely interdisciplinary,” Feminist Theory provides “a forum for critical analysis and constructive debate within feminism.”

  • Feminist Studies: The oldest interdisciplinary feminist scholarly journal in the US, FT is a premier venue for discipline-specific and multidisciplinary feminist analysis. Described as “receptive to all topics and genres,” including theory, commentary, creative writing, art, and critique.

  • International Feminist Journal of Politics: Recent issues include “Sex, Security and Superhero(in)es,” “Gender Relations as Causal in Militarization and Ward,” “Gender, Nation, Rape” and, currently, “Rethinking Masculinity and Practices of Violence in Conflict Settings.”

  • Journal of International Women’s Studies: One respondent identified a feminist studies journal based at the University of Colorado as having published a FEMMSS special issue; we found the FEMMSS issue (2009) published by Frontiers, and JIWS based at Colorado, so we’re listing both (see the entry for Frontiers above).

  • Politics & Gender: Published by the Women and Politics Research Section of the American Political Science Association, Politics & Gender represents “the full range of questions, issues, and approaches on gender and women across the major subfields of political science”; it publishes some feminist political philosophy/theory on topics such as feminist theorizing on justice, freedom, law, contact theory.

  • Women: A Cultural Review: “This journal has published theory and philosophy; for example, there is a good essay by Miranda Fricker some years back.”

4) Interdisciplinary journals:

In our original survey we did not specifically ask for recommendations of interdisciplinary journals but several were recommended under other categories. We’ve reorganized our summary of survey responses to reflect this range of options for publishing feminist philosophy.

  • American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience: Discussions that fall at the intersection of neuroscience, ethics, and feminist theory, and explore the questions that arise as innovations in neuroscience challenge notions about autonomy, sex/gender differences, homosexuality,the nature of disease, sexual desire disorders, and monogamy.

  • Body & Society: A companion journal to Theory, Culture & Society, “committed to theoretical openness” and to publishing “innovative work that contains a trans-disciplinary focus.” One respondent recommends it as a good place to publish “if you want to reach the body-studies crowd.”

  • Studies in Social Justice: “This is not specifically a feminist interdisciplinary journal but it has feminist editors and is very feminist friendly. It is also online and open access.”