25th Anniversary Conference Videos

Hypatia Founders Reflect on Rationality, Science, and Epistemic Humility

23 October 2009, 9:00-10:30

This was the first of three thematic keynote panels devoted to broad areas of philosophical interest that are represented in early volumes of Hypatia and that prefigure much subsequent work in feminist philosophy. The focus here was on conceptions of rationality and epistemological issues as taken up, for example, by contributors to two special issues on Feminism and Science that appeared in 1987 and 1988. These panelists reflected on the various ways in which feminist analyses have reframed each term in the conventional formulation “S knows that P”; they made the case for theorizing epistemic practice; and they made the case for considering questions of epistemic authority in intersectional terms on a global scale.

Chair: Lynn Hankinson Nelson (University of Washington)

Sandra Harding, University of California, Los Angeles
Nancy Hartsock, University of Washington Helen Longino, Stanford University
Elizabeth Potter, Mills College