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Past Events:

Thursday, April 14
Lori Gruen (Philosophy, Wesleyan University)
4:00 pm, Communications 120

Lori Gruen
, Co-editor of Hypatia (2008-2010) and member of the Board of Associate Editors will be visiting to talk about her recent work on "Ethics and Captivity." In this talk, Gruen asks whether non-human animals can claim an interest in liberty and dignity. Gruen argues that we have an ethical obligation to promote the "wild dignity" of non-human animals who are currently captives and for whom release is not possible.

Gruen will also read from and sign her most recent book, Ethics and Animals (2011) at the University Bookstore
on Wednesday, April 13 at 7:00 pm. She will lead a workshop on Thursday, April 14 at 12:30 pm in
Communications 202. To register for this workshop please contact Karen Emmerman (emmerman@uw.edu). Find the flyer for this event here.


Lori Gruen is the author of Ethics and Animals (2011), chair of the Philosophy Department, and affiliate faculty
in the Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality program and College of the Environment at Wesleyan University.

Friday, April 8

Hilde Lindemann, Editor of Hypatia (2003-2008) and member of the Board of Associate Editors 
will be participating in the Program on Values' Rabinowitz symposium. She will give a talk entitled "5 Things to Do With Stories."

Friday, January 14, 3:30  

Ann Cudd (University of Kansas / Hypatia co-editor)
"Commitment as Motivation: Amartya Sen’s Theory of Agency"
Savery Hall TBA (Co-sponsored by Program on Values, and Hypatia, A Journal of Feminist Philosophy)  

In this paper Professor Cudd examines Sen’s critique of behavioral presuppositions of economic theory, and in particular his critique of revealed preference and the introduction of commitment as an alternative motivation to self interest.  She then explores several distinctions in kinds of commitment in order to fill it out as a theory of motivation. Sen’s account of commitment raises a puzzle for the explanation of behavior as rational, for which she suggests a solution. She concludes with remarks about what this reveals about Sen’s philosophy of social science.

Download the flyer here


Ann E. Cudd is Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean of Humanities at the University of Kansas. She works in social and political philosophy, feminist theory, and philosophy of social science, focusing particularly on economics. Her recent work includes Analyzing Oppression, published in 2006 by Oxford University Press and Capitalism For and Against: A Feminist Debate, co-authored with Nancy Holmstrom, forthcoming in January 2011 with Cambridge University Press. She is currently serving as co-editor of Hypatia for value theory. Find out more on Professor Cudd's website here.

Friday, October 22, 3:30 

Robin May Schott (University of Aarhus / recent Hypatia Associate Editor): "War rape, natality and genocide"
Savery Hall 264 (Philosophy / PoV Colloquium)

Although wars have a powerful impact on human existence, philosophers have not always given the problems of war the attention that they deserve. Critics even argue that some philosophers have unwittingly contributed to a culture of genocide, by giving legitimacy to the idea that some lives have more value than others. However, philosophy also can contribute to understanding war and how we represent it, by clarifying central concepts, by focusing on whose lives are given legitimacy, and by attending to issues of ethics and justice in response to war.

In her paper, Professor Schott addresses the concept of genocide and focuses specifi-cally on how sexual violence in war, including rape and enforced impregnation, may be genocidal. She discusses Claudia Card’s notion of social death in terms of harms within victim communities, and draws on Hannah Arendt’s notion of natality, which underlies her notion of heterogeneity, to understand war rape, enforced impregnation and genocide as a political harm.


Robin May Schott is editor and co-author of the new book, Birth, Death, and Feminin-ity; Philosophies of Embodiment (2010). Her other publications include Feminist Philoso-phy and the Problem of Evil, ed. (2007) and Discovering Feminist Philosophy (2003).