25th Anniversary Conference


October 22-24, 2009
Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington

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Conference Rationale

Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy has been published as an independent journal since 1986; Volume 25 will appear in 2010. To recognize this significant anniversary, the Hypatia Editors, Local Editorial Advisors, and Simpson Center for the Humanities hosted a 25th Anniversary Conference at the University of Washington in October 2009. This was an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the journal, to explore the future of feminist philosophy as it has taken shape across a range of disciplines, and to recognize the rich traditions of feminist scholarship that flourish at the University of Washington where the editorial office is currently based.

The conference proposal is available as a PDF.

Warm thanks to everyone who participated, and to all our sponsors for their generous support!

Conference organizers
Conference sponsors

Conference Blog

The conference blog is still open for discussion; follow the link to view and post comments. Check out the vintage Hypatia graphics, conference photos, and commentary on the proceedings.

Conference Program

All the program details are available as downloadable PDFs:

Full program schedule

Program overview

Abstracts for papers and abstracts for panels

Presenters’ biographical sketches

Keynote Panel Podcasts

Audio podcasts for the Hypatia Founders' keynote panels are now available on the Wiley-Blackwell website: www.wiley.com/go/Hypatia-podcasts

Streaming videos of the keynote panels as well as the interview with Hypatia founders are available on the conference video webpage.

Conference Organizers

Hypatia Editors

Alison Wylie (University of Washington)
Lori Gruen (Wesleyan University)
Sharyn Clough (Oregon State University)

Editorial Office Staff (University of Washington)

Gwynne Taraska (Managing Editor)
Karen Emmerman (Editorial Assistant)

Local Advisors (University of Washington):

Christine DiStefano, Sara Goering, Carole Lee, Lynn Hankinson Nelson, Nancy Hartsock, Jean Roberts, Ingra Schellenberg, Andrea Woody

Media (University of Washington):

John Manchak (archival display posters and blog)
Andy Meyer (conference poster)

Conference Assistants (University of Washington):

Renée Byrd (program and registration)
Rachel Fredericks (onsite registration)
Kristine Mroczek (local arrangements)

Conference Volunteers (University of Washington):

Rebecca Aanerud, Ben Almassi, Monica Aufrecht, Jennifer Carroll, Rebecca Clark, Mark Diep, Lars Enden, Jeremy Fischer, Aaron Hebble, Brandon Morgan-Olsen, Janice Moskalik, Aaron Naumann, Amy Reed, Noralis Rodriguez, Jon Rosenberg, Elizabeth Scarborough

Conference Sponsors

The Hypatia editorial team and conference organizers gratefully acknowledge generous support from the following sponsors:

  • Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington

  • Department of Philosophy, Program on Values, and Department of Women Studies at the University of Washington

  • Wiley-Blackwell Publishers

  • Pacific Division of the Society for Women in Philosophy

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25th Anniversary Conference Videos

About the Conference

In October 2009 the Hypatia editorial team and the Simpson Center for the Humanities (University of Washington) hosted Feminist Legacies / Feminist Futures, a conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hypatia, A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. This is a significant anniversary for the journal and for feminist philosophy; the conference provided an opportunity to reflect on the formation and influence of feminist philosophies across the disciplines, to take stock of emerging trends, and to consider where feminist philosophy is headed in the next 25 years.

The conference program featured a number of keynote panels: Hypatia founders and editors traced the history of the journal from its inception in the early 1980s; early contributors reflected on the legacy of the journal in a number of key areas; an interdisciplinary panel of feminist scholars provided comparative perspective on the formation of feminist philosophy; and a panel of emerging feminist scholars explored "New Futures for Feminist Philosophy." In addition, a group of eight Hypatia founders who attended the conference—members of the founding editorial collective and past editors—recorded their reflections in a collective interview.

Links to videos of the keynote panel presentations and the founders' interview may be found below. They also may be found in this video album on Vimeo.

The conference program and abstracts are posted above on the conference website. Hypatia will also be publishing a special 25th anniversary issue at the end of 2010 (Volume 25, Issue 4); check the journal website for details.

Feminist Philosophers: In Their Own Words

Produced by Joan Callahan and Nancy Tuana
©FemPhil Productions

Feminist Philosophers: In Their Own Words is pleased to have produced films of all the keynote sessions from the 25th Anniversary Conference of Hypatia.

Feminist Philosophers: In Their Own Words provides educators and scholars with in-depth, digitally filmed interviews with many of the scholars who generated and initially sustained feminist philosophy in North America. These two-hour DVDs provide an excellent introduction to the philosophical approaches of these theorists, as well as assisting scholars in understanding the ways in which social movements (such as the civil rights, anti-war, and women's movements of the 1960s and 1970s) influenced academic scholarship.  For a full list of available interviews and ordering information, please see the FemPhil website at The Pennsylvania State University Rock Ethics Institute.

Videos of Keynote Panels

A Journal of Her Own: Hypatia Founders and Editors
Hypatia Founders Reflect on Rationality, Science, and Epistemic Humility
Hypatia Founders Rethink Value Theory
Hypatia Founders Engage Continental Traditions
What Lies Ahead: Envisioning New Futures for Feminist Philosophy
Feminist Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Perspective
Interview with Hypatia Founders and Editors