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Hypatia: a journal of feminist philosophyHypatia is a forum for cutting edge work in feminist philosophy. Since its inception in the mid-1980s, Hypatia has been a catalyst for broadening and refining feminist philosophy as well as an invaluable resource for those who teach in this area. Feminist philosophy arises out of diverse traditions and methods within philosophy and is also richly interdisciplinary in orientation.

Hypatia’s commitment to the development of feminist philosophy entails that, in all its policies and practices, Hypatia actively reflect and engage the diversity within feminism itself, the diverse experiences and situations of women, and the diverse forms that gender takes across the globe. Promoting diversity within feminist philosophy and philosophy in general is thus one of Hypatia’s core objectives.

We are committed to publishing articles that are broadly accessible. Hypatia serves as a resource for the wider women's studies community, for philosophers generally, and for all those interested in philosophical issues raised by feminism.

Save the Date!  May 28-30, 2015  The Hypatia Conference at Villanova

In conjunction with the APA Committee on the Status of Women Diversity Conference, Hypatia will host a conference "Exploring Collaborative Contestations."  Watch this space as details unfold!  The conference will be held at the Villanova Conference Center.

Diversity Essay Prize

February 1, 2015 submission deadline

We invite submissions for the 2015 Hypatia Diversity Essay Prize. This prize is awarded biennially for the best essay, previously unpublished, written by a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, or non-tenured faculty member that embodies a feminist, intersectional approach in a philosophical analysis combining categories of identity (e.g., gender, class, disability, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, sexuality). In addition to being published as the winning Diversity Essay in Hypatia, the winning author(s) will receive $500.  Essays of high quality, but not titled with the award, will also be considered for publication.

The Diversity Essay Prize committee warmly encourages essay submissions! Please submit essays at the Hypatia Manuscript Central Submission Site. When you submit your essay, make sure to select "Diversity Essay Prize" in the drop-down menu, and also note in the cover letter that the submission is for the diversity essay prize.

The Diversity Prize Committee is chaired by Linda Martin Alcoff and includes Ladelle McWhorter and David Haekwon Kim. If you have any question you may contact either the Editorial Offices at Hypatia@villanova.edu or Linda Martin Alcoff at lmartina@hunter.cuny.edu.


2014 Advisory Board Additions

Hypatia welcomes the following scholars to the Advisory Board:

Penelope Deutscher, Northwestern University

Robin May Schott, Danish Institute of International Studies

Anita Silvers, San Francisco State University


2014 Editorial Board Additions

Hypatia welcomes the following scholars to the Editorial Board for a 5 year term:

Ishani Maitra, University of Michigan

Paula Moya, Stanford University

Kathryn Norlock, Trent University

Miriam Solomon, Temple University

Charlotte Witt, University of New Hampshire


Kudos to Alison Wylie!

The Philosopher's Magazine (3rd quarter, 2013) Editor's pick is an article written by former Hypatia editor, Alison Wylie, about Hypatia: on a collective undertaking.

When the first issues of Hypatia appeared in the mid-1980s, they were the culmination of a decade-long process of visionary debate in the Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) about what form a journal of feminist philosophy should take, and how to make it a reality. [Read full article]

HYPATIA Transitions

Editorial Board and Advisory Board

The Hypatia Editors (incoming and outgoing) and Associate Editors are delighted to welcome six new members of the Editorial Board and two new members of the Advisory Board.

Editorial Board:

Alia Al-Saji
McGill University
Alison Bailey
Illinois State University
Talia Mae Bettcher
California State University,
Los Angeles
Cheshire Calhoun
Arizona State University
Johanna Oksala
University of Helsinki
Jenny Saul
University of Sheffield

Advisory Board:

Diana Tietjens Meyers
University of Connecticut,
Naomi Scheman
University of Minnesota

With the election of these Board members we have made the transition to a new system of staggered, limited term appointments to Editorial and Advisory Boards (you'll find the details in the Governance Document). This has been a long process! We particularly thank all the long standing members of the Editorial Board who have agreed to step down, many of them after twenty years or more of service.

THANKS to outgoing Editorial Board members: 

  • Moira Gatens, University of Sydney, member since 2000

  • Karen Green, Monash University, member since 2000

  • Susan Hekman, University of Texas, Arlington, member since 2000

  • Sarah Lucia Hoagland, Northeastern University, member since 1983

  • Nancy Holland, Hamline University, member since 2000

  • Jennifer Hornsby, University of London,  member since 2007

  • Carolyn Korsmeyer, State University of New York, Buffalo, member since 1989

  • Mary B. Mahowald, University of Chicago, member since 1991

  • Laura M. Purdy, Wells College, member since 1989

  • Phyllis Rooney, Oakland University, member since 2000

  • Elizabeth V. Spelman, Smith College, member since 1984

  • Karen Warren, Macalester College, member since 1989

  • Cynthia Willett, Emory University, member since 2000

  • Jacqueline Zita, University of Minnesota, member since 1983 

HYPATIA Honor Roll

As we move to staggered Editorial and Advisory Board terms, it is more important than ever to recognize the extraordinary community of feminist philosophers who first made Hypatia a reality, and have since built it into the remarkable journal that it is today -- as members of editorial teams and as special issue guest editors, as Associate Editors and as members of the Editorial and Advisory Boards.  So we've compiled a Hypatia HONOR ROLL: a list of everyone identified on the masthead of the journal as having served in these various capacities since Hypatia  was founded in 1983, with their roles and their terms of service. 

  • Check out the Honor Roll! Let us know if we're missing anyone, or missing dates and terms of service.

  • WARM thanks Hypatia affiliates for all you've done, and continue to do, to ensure that Hypatia thrives! 

Publishing News

Hypatia is delighted to announce the winners in our first ever Diversity Essay Prize. The Diversity Essay Prize Committee, consisting of Ofelia Schutte, Mickaella Perina, and Linda Martín Alcoff, has awarded the prize to Anna Carastathis for her paper “Basements and Intersections.” Carastathis’s paper will appear in issue 28.4 (Fall 2013), and she will receive the essay prize of  $500. We have also awarded an Honorable Mention to Jen McWeeny for her paper “Topographies of Flesh: Women, Nonhuman Animals, and the Embodiment of Connection and Difference.” McWeeny’s paper will also appear in a forthcoming issue of Hypatia. Congratulations to both authors for their outstanding work.

The Hypatia Diversity Essay Prize is awarded biennially for the best essay, previously unpublished, written by a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, or non-tenured faculty member that embodies a feminist, intersectional approach in a philosophical analysis combining categories of identity (e.g., gender, class, disability, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, sexuality). The Prize Committee received fifteen submissions this year, and reviewed the submissions anonymously to select the winner.

NOW OUT! Volume 28, Issue 2: Crossing Boarders
Borders—of politics, identities, disciplines, and ideologies—are invoked to keep people out and to set membership criteria for those kept in. The contributors to this special issue of Hypatia on “Crossing Borders” present a diverse array of philosophical scholarship on the issues, theories, and strategies by which feminists define as well as transcend or transgress borders. They ask what can be learned by thinking about the meaning and import of crossing borders, living in them, or even destroying them. The categories we inhabit comfortably might not seem so comfortable when we realize what or who is left out—or why we are included. This disruptive move can generate powerful insights, and sometimes mobilize strikingly new alliances and solidarities. View the full issue at Wiley-Blackwell.

NOW OUT! Hypatia Virtual Issue: "Embodiment"
Linda Martín Alcoff, Hypatia co-editor, has assembled a new Virtual Issue: an open access, online collection of articles on embodiment. Embodiment has been a central theme in feminist philosophy from its early days. Our recent Special Issue on The Ethics of Embodiment, edited by Debra Bergoffen and Gail Weiss (26:3, Summer 2011), generated such interest that it resulted in two subsequent thematic clusters: “Contesting the Norms of Embodiment” (27.2, Spring 2012), and “Further Essays on Embodiment” (28.1, Winter 2013). The essays selected for this Virtual Issue illuminate how the topic of embodiment has been broached over the years by Hypatia authors, how it has developed, and what topics have received the most focus. Hypatia has been the site of some of the most innovative feminist theorizing on this subject; this Virtual Issue provides a taste of the range of work on embodiment published by Hypatia since the mid-1980s. Read the full introduction and see the list of articles here.

HYPATIA Reviews Online

We are pleased to announce that HRO - the new online venue for Hypatia book reviews – is now up and running!  We launch HRO with five new Hypatia book reviews and a very full archive of past reviews: a set of reviews that appeared online in 2004, and links to all the reviews since published in regular issues of the journal. HRO is open access; all HRO reviews are available online at: http://hypatiaphilosophy.org/HRO

If you’d like to receive regular email notices of new reviews as they appear on HRO, join the Hypatia/HRO email subscription list here.

If you’re interested in reviewing for HRO, or can recommend books for review, please contact the Hypatia Book Review Editor, either directly or through the Hypatia Editorial Office.

Call for Papers

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on "Emancipation: Rethinking Subjectivity, Power and Change"
Volume 30, Issue 3, Summer 2015
Edited by Susanne Lettow
February 15, 2014 submission deadline
For the full call for papers, click here.

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